This blog was first posted in May, 2022, and was updated in 2023 with the new routing and other changes to SvelteKit that came with SvelteKit 1.0. Check back for new posts!

Build a Calculator Component in Svelte (that you can use in your current websites)

There’s no need to go all or nothing with Svelte. You can build a few components in it and use them in your existing website. Here, we’ll build a calculator app in Svelte

Embed Our Svelte Calculator Component into Your Existing Website

Or start off with a simple example page...

SvelteKit machine

SvelteKit 1—Getting Started with SvelteKit

This post will give you a basic introduction to SvelteKit and walk you through building a basic SvelteKit website. ...

SvelteKit 2—Further Adventures with SvelteKit

This post continues from SvelteKit 1. We learn about getting data.

Learn how to...

build a SvelteKit site that uses a MySQL database.

Learn some ways of...

hosting SvelteKit apps on the web—even free!

New! Learn how to...

build a blog with SvelteKit (Part 1—more to come).