About Me

Wahhab Baldwin

Hi! I'm Wahhab Baldwin. I began working full-time as a programmer in 1966. In my early years, I worked primarily on IBM mainframes, primarily in COBOL and BAL (assembler), using CICS and Db2. I did a lot of contract programming, and ended up with significant experience programming for commercial insurance software, ending by becoming a Senior V.P. at AIG.

When the IBM PC came out, I taught myself C, I had articles published in "C Users' Journal" and "Doctor Dobbs' Journal." I taught a group of 20 programmers C and led them in developing Workers' Comp software as AIG's first PC-based application. I was a charter member of the ANSI committee to standardize C++.

After AIG I went to work for Microsoft, where I was Senior Dev. Manager for Middle East Products, and then ran their Internal Tools group. I also worked on the Office development team. After retiring from Microsoft, I went on to pursue different interests. However, my wife started a small graphic design business, and as her clients increasingly wanted websites, I would build the websites that she designed. In recent years, in retirement, I have only built websites for friends and family. However, I have attempted to stay current with the technology, just for my own interest. I have been delighted by Svelte and SvelteKit, which seem to me friendlier, easier to learn and more efficient than React or Vue. So I decided to put together a blog written using SvelteKit (and Pug, as it happens) and use it to write occasional articles about my learning journey with this great tool.

I hope you'll find it useful, and I welcome your feedback.